20 March 2012

Reverse tiger

Two or three weeks ago, while browsing the web, I (approximately) remember the key words I typed for discovering this beautiful Reverse Tiger illustration: sexy feline girl. Meow. Through Japanese manga & North American princess characters, funny bondage and vibrant colors, welcome to a talented digital universe: the art of Shizuru Minamino.

Kuroi, the Reverse Tiger

Kuroi's poem: I'm a reverse tiger, a black cat with white stripes. First you see me, then you don't. I appear as merely white patches on this mostly black canvas. The darkness of the night seems to cloak me, allowing me to disappear from your sight. Yet the whiteness allows you to see just glimpses of me. As I play with your mind, like the Cheshire Cat. A cat am I too, though more stealthy than he. Slowly I vanish into the darkness. Careful, before you see nothing of me at all.

 Ariel in Bondage


 Dragongirl Bound and Gagged

 Elendanis from GaiaOnline

 Jasmine in Bondage

 Neverland Bondage

 Pocahontas in Distress

 Sad Puppy

This is Skipplybittles from Gaiaonline. I told him I would draw him, and I did.

 Why Won't Mommy Wake up

 Alien Stud

 Henge Lullaby

 Hot Doggy

 Mule Love

 Naruto Siren, Believe it

 Smurf Domo
Smurf Domo was made with deviantART muro. Go there, draw something; it's fun.

Yuki and Hiro at potty time

Shizuru Minamino's interests: Drawing and Photoshop coloring    
Favourite artists: MC Escher and Salvador Dali    
Favourite style of art: Anime Realistic    
Favourite game: Runescape and Breath of Fire    
Favourite cartoon character: Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho
Favourite tools: Sketch book, scanner and Photoshop

web site

Anime Cat Girl Speedpaint by strawberrycake

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