28 July 2015

Ave Maria's shadow

Art, sport, Frank Schubert, Carolina Kostner, figure skater.

OperaPop on Ice Verona 2014 Carolina Kostner - Ave Maria

How to Recognize Olympic Figure Skating Jumps {here}

What's the difference between a triple axel, triple lutz and and triple toe? {here}

A GIF Guide to Figure Skaters' Jumps {here}

Physics of Jumps in Figure Skating (physicsfigureskating)

Ave Maria (Schubert) {wikipedia}

Schubert - Ave Maria

My favorite Ave Maria remix found on youtube, enjoy.

Ave Maria - Corbinator Techno Remix

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24 July 2015

Travelling Mediterranean streets









I found those paintings on eBay yesterday and sent an email to the seller asking the name of the painter. The following answer was received:

thanks for your email
sorry, i have no info regarding the artist
- vistaart

Really? This reply stimulates my imagination in many directions and I don’t know what to think about it. Anyway, for someone like me who does not have a passport, these oil paintings are a fine way to travel.

18 July 2015

The idea of forest


Arthur Heming (1870–1940) was a Canadian traveller, hunter, illustrator, author and painter. He was known as the chronicler of the North for his paintings, sketches, essays and books about Canada's North.

In a 1940 article on Heming in The Beaver, W.J. Phillips, a respected Canadian artist, quoted a profile on Heming from the art magazine The Connoisseur.

"Through his activities as traveller, hunter, illustrator, author and painter, he has acquired an international reputation. He possesses an astonishing vigorous style, the more unique because it owes nothing to any classified school or tradition, He revels in the dramatic incidents of field and forest, interpreting them in boldly emphasized patterns and in sweeping and strongly marked rhythms-the sense of which doubtless came to him through his observations of the movement of wild things against the northern background of snow and crystal-clear air." 

Source: Canoe.ca
Evening Pipes

“About once every hour the voyageurs in the great freight canoes were allowed time out from paddling to pack and light their short clay pipes. For the French canoemen, the breaks became known as pipes and they were so regular that distances were recalled as trois pipes or sept pipes. The tranquil scene is a retrospective painting by Arthur Heming, who traveled with the last of the fur brigades.”





15 July 2015

Erratic flight

Beautiful chimney swift paintings © Barry Kent MacKay

A bird best identified by silhouette, the smudge-gray chimney swift nimbly maneuvers over rooftops, fields, and rivers to catch insects.

It can be distinguished by its telltale acrobatic and erratic flight pattern.

Its tiny body, curving wings, and stiff, shallow wingbeats give it a flight style as distinctive as its fluid, chattering call.

This enigmatic little bird spends almost its entire life airborne. When it lands, it can’t perch—it clings to vertical walls inside chimneys or in hollow trees or caves.

This species has suffered sharp declines as chimneys fall into disuse across the continent.

Like smoke going back to chimney.

05 July 2015

Three knights in the wind

« You go in, they draw the curtains, and the navigation begins. The gods come down onto the naked bodies and the islands are set adrift, lost souls crowned with the tousled hair of palm trees in the wind. Try it.» 
– Albert Camus {source}

Three Palm Trees © Angela Ooghe

Captivating expressive landscape paintings (with four comments) by Angela Ooghe. Blue vastness, ample foliage.

Everglades Rain
« I painted this last year [2011] when my work was much closer to realism.»

Everglades Reflecting Pond

Everglades Sky
« In this painting, I wanted to show the vastness and almost unbearable brightness of this day in the Florida Everglades.»

Fishing Boats
« I’ve painted five docked fishing boats against a background of coconut palms and dense tropical foliage.»

Florida Tropical Hammock
« This is a common scene in South Florida. Beautiful and unruly and also what will become of your yard if neglected.»


Obstructed Path

Palm Trees Smokey Sky

Angela Ooghe is an artist living in Miami.

The Great Miami River (circa 1850) by Elizabeth Frankenstein or Godfrey Nicholas Frankenstein {source}

01 July 2015

Paint by summer

Paintings by numbers of iconic summer themes

Canoe on the River

Fisher Boy

Forest with Bear

Grecian Garden

Lake and Boat

Landscape with Red House


Mirror Lake

Placid Waters



Water Lilies

Very interesting place: Paint by Number Museum