29 November 2011

Half awake

Erin Tyner Photography: Half Awake diorama series, mysterious scenery for lonesome miniature humans

Erin Tyner's etsy shop
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Half the time I don't know if I'm awake or I'm asleep
Half the time I don't even care

Richard Butler (Maybe Someday)

26 November 2011

Blurry blue

Welcome to a misty and strange world, where a museum roof emulates a glass sinking boat, where a pure white orchid looks like: "What? Let's get the fuck out of here!" Beautiful blue polaroid art prints by Laura Hugues, photographer and needlepoint artist living in New York, USA.

Blue Polaroid Photograph
Louvre at Dusk

White Flower Polaroid Photograph
White Orchid

Blue Polaroid Photograph
Diver Ocean Cliff

Blue Polaroid Photograph
Blue Fairy

White Flower Polaroid Photograph
Wilted Flower

Blue Polaroid Photograph
Woman With Hand over Face

Botanicus Obscurus Series

Au Revoir Simone is a Brooklyn-based girl band, singing and playing on three vintage synths and a drum machine. They've described their disarmingly minimalist music quite accurately as dreamy electronic lo-fi keyboard pop.

11 November 2011

Birds in the clouds

Susie Loucks is a photographer living in Los Angeles. I met her outstanding work while looking for bird art prints on Etsy.com. The ones she gives us are amazing, stopped by the camera shutter in such peculiar and elegant poses, usually unavailable to our eyes.

"Photographing birds takes time and patience, however the more time one spends observing an animal, the more one sees its distinct personality emerge. Whether its demeanor is shy, playful, or curious, when a bird is in flight, its feathers are like a flower in bloom, everyday is spring." - Susie Loucks

Ring-billed Gull in flight against a desaturated sky

Heermann's Gull in flight against a desaturated sky

Heermann's Gull in flight against a desaturated sky

Juvenile California Gull in flight against a desaturated sky

Eye Level
California Gull with its wings at eye level while in flight against a desaturated sky

Crow in flight against a desaturated sky

Moon Dance
Western Gull in flight against a desaturated sky

More birds in the clouds in Susie Loucks' Etsy shop
All photographs in Susie Loucks' Etsy shop
Susie Loucks' web page

Thank you for looking. Have a nice day *in the clouds*.

04 November 2011

A wolf girl, her eyelashes.

A few weeks before my daughter's 17th birthday (last Wednesday), she told me she wanted a mommy-made little plushie as her gift.

- Ok, baby. I'll create a miniature ninja eskimo wolf for you.
- Make him a girl! Put some eyelashes! Just like Sponge Bob, FOUR eyelashes!

(She's a big fan of Sponge Bob. But Sponge Bob only has three eyelashes.)
- Ooh what a cool idea!

She chose the colors for the felt I'm gonna use: white wolf, denim blue coat. It's a girl so a touch of pink is added. He he.

First, the winter coat is cut and decorated with hand embroidery.

Second, I cut the body of the wolf girl. Her face was hand embroidered. Her head, breast and arms, sewn and stuffed.

Third, the winter coat is applied to the plush. After that, belly and legs will be filled with stuffing and sewn.

Here we go. There she is.

There are miniature ninja eskimo wolf plushies in my Etsy shop right now. Only boys. No girl. Yet.

Thank you for your interest in my work and have a wonderful day.

01 November 2011

Rosita, Rosa, I see you now.

Many years ago, my friend Gogo gave me a box including several small cards with beautiful Mexican folk art illustrations. And the flower I drew was inspired (I think) by the rose of the loteria board game card.

There are 54 cards in the game. Number 41 refers to the red flower. Yesterday, the sentence "Rosita, Rosa, I see you now" was found HERE (Loteria on wikipedia).

I drew the flower with black ink on paper. I photographed my drawing. With Photoshop, colors were added on the digitalized image.

Mon amie la rose by beautiful French singer Françoise Hardy (1964) on youtube

Rosita, Rosaura, ven que te quiero ahora.
Rosette, Rose, je te vois maintenant.
Rosita, Rosa, I see you now.