20 May 2012

Diaphanous fortress

Where 20th century photography is turned into painting celebration understanding.

He was already 40 years old when he began to produce photographic work, in the 30s. Literature fan, José Alemany spoke many languages and was considered an excellent specialist in French literature. Born in Catalunya, España, he moved to Pittsburg, USA. His landscape pictures were made ​​in Provincetown, Massachusetts - location frequented by artists where he spent summers. Influenced by Man Ray (solarisations!) and other surrealist photographers, his work brings our mind back to an old but new diaphanous line of the desire.

José Alemany Bori - Viquipèdia (in Català)

Primat de la matière sur la pensée (Primacy of Matter over Thought)
solarisation by Man Ray, 1931

Music! Thank you Jack.

Helge Kuhl - Copy Me (2010)