09 May 2012



Old school theme through modern glitchy cacophony: Frank Gonzales orchestrates colorful and dynamic bird paintings that touch the heart. Take a peek inside a pop world of color, form and composition. Almost music.

I like to construct and deconstruct during the process, leaving traces of my journey in the end results. Like life itself, there are elements of uncertainty, dialogue and changes that take place which can be both fascinating and frustrating to me. (Frank Gonzales)

 At arms length





 Gila woodpecker



 Passing thru



 Sharp I

 Sharp II

 Sharp III

 Sharp IV

 Sharp V

 Sharp VI

 Sharp VII

 Simplex I

 Simplex II

 Simplex III

 Simplex IV

 Simplex V

 Song of summer

 Song sparrow



My work is about taking forms in nature and making them my own. What I do is nothing new, but by using the language of color, composition, fragmentation and representation, my aim is to speak about these known elements and present them from a different perspective.

Inspired by old masters, modern graphic design and musical compositions, Frank Gonzales paints birds, foliage and plants. His works are a result of the exploration and love he has for nature, with charm and rhythm through the manipulation of design, dripping effect, color and compositional elements.

I like to challenge myself with every new work but ultimately I try to portray a sense of beauty or that feeling of energy you get when you really feel alive. 

Roxy Music - Re-make/Re-model (1972) LIVE
Added video to audio, tried to make video fit, failed in piano section (trekkertos)

I feel I am constantly growing as an artist every day.