20 November 2010

Douze d'un coup. For twelve little girls from Quebec city, Canada.

My biggest custom order so far: Renée asked me to create twelve little plushies, dedicated to twelve little girls from Quebec city, Canada. What a fun request!

Now the twelve tiny creatures have a body. Although, their personality is not defined yet. They need to be identified with a unique: name, birth place, special sign, favorite meal, future profession. I think I'll ask soon my favorite Estonian baptizer to help me with this requisite step.

Soon. I mean before Christmas, of course.

Here is a closer view of one of them. We don't know anything about him, except that his temporary name is Number Two. Welcome.

08 November 2010

The perfect object proportionally perceptible everywhere.

Which item is the same dimension around the world? Nail polish bottle? Candle? Pen? No, not really.

I was looking for something internationally known that would give an idea of how tall my sweet pink plushie monster is.

Yes, a lighter! What a great idea! A black lighter, oh yeah! Then the photo shoot just began, and my sweet pink plushie monster took place between two BIG objects used to light up cigarettes.

I love hand sewing with felt, and if you click HERE, you will see all of my mini creatures. Thank you.