19 December 2014

Shade of winter

Quiet landscapes around the world. Snowy trees. From east to west. Click the photographer's name to access a higher resolution downloadable image, @ flickr.

riki_tiki_myu (Mamonj, Irkutsk, Russia)

threepinner (Mt. Shamansha, Minami-Furano, Hokkaido, Japan)

c0466 Wang (Jilin, China)

Terence Yam (Nyingchi, Tibet)

Albert Retief (outside Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Ali Shokri (East Azerbaijan, Iran)

Villu Kaego (Pae paepaljand, Tallinn, Estonia)

Yuri Bahmat (Zakarpattia, Ukraine)

Antti T. Nissinen (Kittila, Lapland, Finland)

Ilan Shacham (Carpathian mountains, Romania)

Jarek (North-east Poland)

Mikael Bergman (Salfjallstorget, Dalarna, Sweden)

Matthias Klaiber (Windbeech near Schauinsland, Germany)

Constantin Barbu (Sibillini Mountains, Italia)

Bjørn Breimo (Norefjell, Norway)

Emmanuel Dautriche (Jura mountains, France)

Apionid (Streethay, England, UK)

johnnymack73 (Carlow, Ireland)

Andri Thorstensen (Suðurland, Iceland)

Christian Gendron (Bromont, Québec, Canada)

Alex Berger (Perito Moreno glacier, Patagonia, Argentina)

Mark Carey (Torres del Paine, Patagonie, Chile)

Scott Bowles (Island Lake, Michigan, US)

Michael Porter (Tsawwassen Ferry Jetty, BC, Canada)

13 December 2014

Underwater warmth

Bubble Coral #2, Caribbean island of Saba

Wintry ending fall here in Montréal. Welcome to a silent excursion with Terence Zahner (ZahnerPhoto @ Etsy), a scuba diver who photographs fragile, fleeting moments of natural beauty.

 Christmas Tree Worms, Caribbean Sea

 Coral Labyrinth #3, Caribbean island of Saba

 Lone Barracuda, Caribbean island of Saba

 Maroon Clownfish with Sea Anemone, Celebes Sea near Malaysian Borneo

 Moon Jellyfish, Caribbean island of Saba

 Porcelain Crab, Thailand

 Reef Squid, Caribbean island of Bonaire

 Sea Anemone Tentacles, Caribbean island of Bonaire

 Sea Anemone Tentacles, Caribbean island of Saba

Sea Turtle, island of Lanai, Hawaii

Beautiful Turtle!!

10 December 2014

Ball hand

Backstage at Balmain

Balmain. That's the name I remember after a search for haute couture embroidery. Pierre Balmain. He described the art of dressmaking as "the architecture of movement".

Spring / Summer 2015

Fall / Winter 2014

Fall / Winter 2014 

 Fall / Winter 2014 

Spring / Summer 2013

Spring / Summer 2013

Fall / Winter 2012

 Fall / Winter 2012

 Fall / Winter 2012

Spring / Summer 2012

  Spring / Summer 2012

 Autumn 1952 | Gown of gray embroidered tulle {super! source}

03 December 2014

Nun? no, not now

Light Shaft 

Robert Vickrey (1926–2011) was an American artist and author who specialized in the ancient medium of egg tempera, a demanding technique he explored over six decades. For 51 years, the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (based in New York) were the focus of most of his paintings.


 Canal Reflections (2004

 Cathedral of Light (2002)

 Diana's Angels (2001) 

 Fear (1954)

 Gerskin's Nun (1985) 

 Nun with Oval Window (1984)

 Santorini Vistor (2001) 

 Shutter Patterns in the Corner

 Small Nun Study with Three Butterflies (1982) 

 Small Nun with Butterfly (1948)

Venetian Corridore (2001) 

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN The Idolness of Gods