25 October 2011

My dream is drawn.

Please, don't do that! Remove your hand!
The lion is going to attack you!

Only his master can touch the beast...

A dream I've had last spring.

In a strange house, I saw a big upside down ninja lion, his head hanging down. I was attracted, went to him, and began to caress him. Then I heard a thundering voice ordering me to stop touching the beast, because the beast would aggress me. I remember being afraid, but the attractive upside down ninja lion didn't snarl or attack me.

I woke up, took my pen and drew the scene on paper.

On the photographed drawing, coloration was done with Photoshop.

I took the ice rink floor from another image I made for a cartoon on an absolutely beautiful - beautifully absolute! - cover of Joy to the World by Frank Fuller.

Today I listed the new ACEO UpsideDown Attractive Ninja Lion in my Etsy shoppe.

Thank you for your interest, have a grrrreat day.

13 October 2011

Lions & hand embroidery.

Be pleased to meet the second Miniature Ninja Lion Plush He is approx. 2 inches tall and he is made with felt, faux fur and love.

What's the best way to represent a lion? Mane, yes, of course. Ok, now, look at this little lion. Big mane, right?

But is he really a lion? Or just another unnamed little ninja monsters of my imagination?

A lovely man gave me precious cues:
Small ears.
Yep, a muzzle.
And don't forget the freckles!

Nala from Disney's The Lion King

Since I love doing hand embroidery, I totally embraced the idea.

And there is a ninja lion.

08 October 2011


The first two felines in the Miniature Ninja Lion Plush series.

Ninja Lion #1
He's now listed in my Etsy shoppe HERE.

Ninja Lion #2

Ninja Lion #0
This little guy was rejected because no embroidered muzzle and no freckles.

The one who was embroiderielly forsaken also looks socially rejected. I feel sorry for him but, you know, I really enjoy making this new series including hand embroidery. ♫♪♪♫ Hope you're happy too. ♫♪♪♫