25 April 2012

A pearl to me

Full Steam Ahead

Vladimir Kush was born in Russia in a small one-story wooden house on the northern edge of Moscow, near the forest-park Sokolniki. His life and inspiration have been deeply involved with open spaces and oceans. For this reason many paintings in his huge (and beautiful) production are related to the sea. 

Departure of Winged Ship


 Orchid Family Rollercoaster

 Soul Plexus

 To the Safe Haven

Above the Sea Level

Arrival of the Flower Ship

Bound for Distant Shores

Horn of Babel


Metaphorical Journey (detail)

 Metaphorical Journey (detail)

 Metaphorical Journey (detail)

 Metaphorical Journey

Morning Blossom

Ripples on the Ocean


 Treasure Island



The pale sparkle of a pearl is associated with a full moon, while its marine roots are associated with fruitfulness. The development inside the clamshell, which is obscured from our eyes, is associated with the miracle of birth. According to ancient mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology), born of sea foam, wore a pearl. According to legend, Cleopatra dissolved a pearl from one of her earrings in wine and drank it in front of Mark Anthony as a display of her wealth and love for him. A partially opened clamshell is a symbol of female sexuality, the source of life. Away from human eyes and under the depth of the sea, the secret fruit is preserved, beautiful and divine. It grows at nights, when everything is sleeping. And only the moonlight, lying on the ocean in a path, penetrates the lip of the shell like silver rain.
source: vladimirkush.com

The wife of the fisherman is a pearl diver, ama in Japanese. She is trained to dive into shallow water and reef areas and retrieve shellfish and other marine life used in gourmet seafood meals. It was a hard and dangerous occupation, and the girls used no special equipment.

 photo: public domain

photo: Japanese village photographer

Natural Pearls: History of Pearl Diving

24 April 2012

Laboratory still

Laboratory Still Life 1 (detail)

As a child, I liked it so much when my dad took my sister and I to the chemistry laboratory where he worked. Strange odors in the corridors, beakers of bubbles and smoke, abstract notations on the blackboard, secret complicated experiences. And – in the humble opinion of the young girl I was – the building's architecture that housed the laboratory was a masterpiece.

Gender  Male
Industry  Arts
Occupation  Geometry Architect
Location  Oakland, California, United States
Introduction  I draw and paint at Pixar.
Interests  SCIENCE, ART
Favorite Movies  North by Northwest, Goldfinger, Rear Window, High & Low
Favorite Music  Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Ladytron
Favorite Books  The Complete Dennis The Menace, Rendezvous with Rama

Dan Shank's scientific paintings are dynamically playful and colorful. Nostalgia.

Laboratory Still Life 1

Arrangement One (detail)

Arrangement One

Collapsible Head (detail)

Laboratory Still Life 2

Laboratory Still Life 2 (detail)

Mathturbation (detail)

Mathturbation (detail)


Metricon Castle (sketch)

Metricon Castle

Microscope 1

Microscope 2 (detail)

Microscope 2

Microscope 3 (detail)

Microscope 3

Microscope 4 (detail)

Pink Potato Chip Lounge

Dan Shank's web site
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The Big Bang Theory minisode where Sheldon tries to teach Penny a little physics

23 April 2012

Marine anime erotica

 - Zuu sufu sufu chyu chyu chyu tsu zuu fufufuuu...
- Oooh! Boundaries and borders gone! I've vanished...!

Toshio Saeki is a Japanese artist and mangaka. His work is sometimes really violent and pervert, and I've preferred to present here soft erotic illustrations including loving couples, masturbation, bondage, and nautical animals (especially snakes and octopi). A colorful impression of the dream of the fisherman's wife

Unusual sexual fantasies are certainly common in the world of Japanese manga and anime.