24 April 2012

Laboratory still

Laboratory Still Life 1 (detail)

As a child, I liked it so much when my dad took my sister and I to the chemistry laboratory where he worked. Strange odors in the corridors, beakers of bubbles and smoke, abstract notations on the blackboard, secret complicated experiences. And – in the humble opinion of the young girl I was – the building's architecture that housed the laboratory was a masterpiece.

Gender  Male
Industry  Arts
Occupation  Geometry Architect
Location  Oakland, California, United States
Introduction  I draw and paint at Pixar.
Interests  SCIENCE, ART
Favorite Movies  North by Northwest, Goldfinger, Rear Window, High & Low
Favorite Music  Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Ladytron
Favorite Books  The Complete Dennis The Menace, Rendezvous with Rama

Dan Shank's scientific paintings are dynamically playful and colorful. Nostalgia.

Laboratory Still Life 1

Arrangement One (detail)

Arrangement One

Collapsible Head (detail)

Laboratory Still Life 2

Laboratory Still Life 2 (detail)

Mathturbation (detail)

Mathturbation (detail)


Metricon Castle (sketch)

Metricon Castle

Microscope 1

Microscope 2 (detail)

Microscope 2

Microscope 3 (detail)

Microscope 3

Microscope 4 (detail)

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The Big Bang Theory minisode where Sheldon tries to teach Penny a little physics