07 April 2012

Luxurious identity

Mostly undressed and masked. Old masters oil painting techniques. Many layers of oil. Divans brocaded in satin. Provocative and elegant. Victorian-style naturalism. Voluptuous. Pearl jewelry. Fantasy. Dreamy. Eyes looking at the viewer's eyes. Lavish. Mysterious. Flowers in the night. Lush. Toys. Breasts. Cats. Fancy costumes. Attractive beds. Folds of drapery. Issue of gender identity.

Old photographs. Victorian portraiture. Enigmatic mises en scène. Wicked sense of humor. Extravagant. Allegory. Rococo. Silken lingerie. Resplendent colors. Warm colors. Kitsch. Generous fancy ornamentation. Incongruous accessories. Seductive interiors. Skin. Imagination. Copious furniture. Luxuriant. Nudes. Exquisitely detailed backgrounds. Flamboyant. Immaterial landscapes. Heavenly invitation.

Colette Calascione does some beautiful oil paintings in techniques that are found in old masters artworks.


 Dream of the Hungry Ghost

 He Is Who


 Self Portrait with Internal Landscape

 Cat Mask

 Leda and the Swan

 Milky Way

 Observation Day

 Bee Boy

 Bliss Ninny

 Phoenix Moon


 Chick Fight

 The Love Letter

Wild Rose

Colette Calascione was born in San Francisco, USA. She resides in New York.

Find her on facebook.

Her work is at Nancy Hoffman Gallery.

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