25 March 2012

Flora Digitala

Commelina communis L. - front - b

Macoto Murayama cultivates inorganic flora. First, he chooses the plant and finds the real flower. Second, he dissects the flower cutting the petal and ovary with scalpel and observes it with magnifying glass. Third, he makes sketches and photographs the parts of dissected flower. Forth, he models its form and structure using 3D software. Fifth, he renders separate parts and creates a composition using Photoshop. Sixth, he imposes admeasurements, parts names, scale, scientific name, etc.

Here it is, The Flower of Totalitarian Scientific Conscious: properly fixed, totally measured, strictly nominated and distinctly shown. It is not only an image of a plant, but representation of the intellect’s power and its elaborate tools for scrutinizing nature. The transparency of this work refers not only to the lucid petals of a flower, but to the ambitious, romantic and utopian struggle of science to see and present the world as transparent (completely seen, entirely grasped) object. Paradoxically, this scientific challenge to measure the Universe might eventually become one of the sources where art of Murayama draws its strength of fantasy and odor of romanticism, becoming a part of Botech Art, symbiosis of Botanical Art and Technology. (Read more.)

Commelina communis L. - front - ow 


Commelina communis L. - side view - ow (detail)

Commelina communis L. - side view - ow (detail)

Japanese lily-v-w

Lathyrus odoratus - top view- (detail)

Lathyrus odoratus -front view-

Lathyrus odoratus -side view- (detail)

Lathyrus odoratus L. -ecology view- (detail)


Satsuki azalea-iii-w

Spider lily-i-w

Transvaal daisy-v-w

Yoshino cherry-i-w



Macoto Murayama is an artist and a member of The Japanese Association of Botanical Illustration.

Yesterday afternoon, this tumblr post from moshita let me know Macoto Murayama.

moshita on tumblr is a strange artistic-anatomic place. Don't go there alone.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful digital drawing work. Have a great floral day.