06 March 2012

Bird body language

Influenced by the Flemish masters' technique, French painter Corine Perier creates surreal desolate landscapes on wood panels, presented here through a theme: bird body hybrid animals.

 Aux portes du désert

 Boule de neige

 Dans les nuages

 Le gardien

 Le petit prince

 Le sphinx

 Le coureur du ciel

 Le funambule

 Le gardien des cîmes

 Le gardien du secret


 Le voyageur



 Tombé du ciel

Chat perché

Corine Perier's paintings depict surreal animals in depopulated landscapes. Through her paintings, she deals with the contemporary problem of the disappearance of species on a planet in flux. She adds a touch of strangeness to her works, painting a dream world where fantasies and child dreams live together.

Birds, wildcats... it's a wildlife crossing, regardless of the laws of natural history, but with the greatest natural... (Read more.)

Often juxtaposing the hunter and hunted within one body or linking species that, in the real life, would never be seen united. Her strange world is one where the extinction of one species, leads to odd mutations of the remaining ones. It’s a reminder to the viewer that the real world is altering beyond recognition and of the existing predicament of vanishing species on this ever changing planet.

From foxes wearing armour to birds with cat heads, this surreal world offers a vision of an unbalanced world. A world in which the edges of reality, dreams and concepts are blurred together but also a place to appreciate the inherent beauty of a delicious mystery. (Read more.)

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