03 December 2014

Nun? no, not now

Light Shaft 

Robert Vickrey (1926–2011) was an American artist and author who specialized in the ancient medium of egg tempera, a demanding technique he explored over six decades. For 51 years, the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (based in New York) were the focus of most of his paintings.


 Canal Reflections (2004

 Cathedral of Light (2002)

 Diana's Angels (2001) 

 Fear (1954)

 Gerskin's Nun (1985) 

 Nun with Oval Window (1984)

 Santorini Vistor (2001) 

 Shutter Patterns in the Corner

 Small Nun Study with Three Butterflies (1982) 

 Small Nun with Butterfly (1948)

Venetian Corridore (2001) 

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN The Idolness of Gods