30 August 2015

Ours blanc de François Pompon

François Pompon (1855-1933) was a pioneer of modern stylized animalier sculpture.

Ours blanc de François Pompon (1922)

« An important question to ask yourself when photographing sculpture is whether you should try to show off the artist's vision by photographing the sculpture as accurately as possible, or whether you should capture it in a way that expresses what you see in it.»

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+Ours blancs de François Pompon

27 August 2015

Seen everyday

Cedar Tree at Roadside, Lago Maggiore

Francis Hamel was born in 1963. He lives and works at Rousham in Oxfordshire, UK. He divides his time as a painter between working for exhibitions and doing commissions.

Cedar Tree Study One

Cedar Tree Study Two

Corsican Pine

Cypresses, Lago Maggiore. Oggebbio

Group of Cypresses by the Lake

Isola Bella. Trees Clipped and Unclipped

The Road Between Ronco and Cannobio


Tree paintings

Rachel’s Flowers

Francis Hamel web site

23 August 2015

The old man mad about art

Two Ducks & Iris

The flat-perspective and strong colors of Japanese woodcuts, especially those of Katsushika Hokusai, had a strong effect on Art Nouveau.

Katsushika Hokusai created several series of birds and flowers. The genre is called kachô-e, although it also includes other scenes from nature. Hokusai's kachô-e series included the horizontal oban-sized so-called Large Flower series and the vertical chûban-size, Small Flower series. Published circa 1834.


Bellflower & Dragonfly

Canary & Peonies 

Carnation, Iris & Kingfisher

Chrysanthemums & Horsefly

Irises & Grasshopper

Sparrows & Pink Flowers

Warbler & Roses

Wisteria & Wagtail


22 August 2015

Middlesbrough parks

Donald Playford (1954-2010) had a natural talent for drawing and painting — wildlife and birds in particular. He attended Middlesbrough Art College in the early 70s.


Blue Tit


Chiff Chaff 


Marsh Tit





11 August 2015

On the harbour walls

Hannah Cole was born and grew up in a small hamlet in rural North Devon UK and has maintained a long affinity with the countryside and landscape. As a child she spent a year living in Morocco, the memories of which influence her work. {source}

A quiet corner

Blue doorway

Bobbing along with harbour wall

Bobbing along with harbour wall

Brighton beach

Hills behind Port Isaac

On the harbour walls

Red boat

Sunday morning on the beach

Three boats

Waiting by the old beach huts

/|/|/|/|/| Beach hut paintings