12 December 2015

Hat canal

Pavel N. Matustik, The Hat overseeing the Canal from Trump’s Hotel

Panamas (1902)

Panama canal paintings

Al Sprague, Cascadas

Al Sprague, Ship in Locks

Alexander Brook, Barrage Balloon (1943)
One of many Barrage Balloons used in the defense of the Panama Canal during World War II. This painting shows soldiers preparing one for launch. This scene could have been in any area along the Panama Canal, but most likely near one of the Locks.

Alton Tobey, The Panama Canal

Cynthia Cooley, Panama Canal

Cynthia Guild, Panama Canal (2015)

Cynthia Guild, Sliding Through (2010)

John Dos Passos: Blaise Cendrars, Le panama ou les aventures de mes sept oncles (1931)

Simon Bird, Mira Flores Locks, Panama Canal (2005) 

Tavik Frantisek Simon, Canal of Panama

Wallace Trickett, Ulster Star in the Gaillard Cut, Panama Canal (2007)

Panama canal painting

And when we search for fine art paintings with the key words “panama canal painting”, we also find this kind of images:

Panama Ship Service offers painting services that include grit blasting, hydro-blasting, new hull and deck painting and coatings. We can complete projects on vessels of all sizes and types.

Panamax and New Panamax are terms for the size limits for ships traveling through the Panama Canal. Panamax specifications have been in effect since the opening of the canal in 1914. Ships that do not fall within the Panamax-sizes are called post-Panamax.

Expanding the Panama Canal [very informative large photos]

06 December 2015

Posts tagged ‘nature’s poetry’

First days of last July through Twitter I landed on the tradition that defines America’s traditional landscape painting style: Hawthorne Fine Art – 19th and early 20th Century American ArtPosts Tagged ‘Nature’s Poetry’
An extraordinary discovery: Lauren Sansaricq and the traditional painting techniques of the Hudson River School. Open your eyes:

 Autumn Scene in Sharon, CT 

 Home in the Wilderness

Mount Chocorua (2012)  

Mount Madison from the Androscoggin River 

Mount Washington on the Saco River near North Conway 

Scene in the Catskills

Top of Kaaterskill Falls

Twilight in the Mountains

View from Boscobel 

View from Huckleberry Point 

View of Mount Washington Valley (2012)