30 January 2012

Not to touch the earth


All photographs by Jason Romero (jphoto777 on Etsy)

«A storm chaser of sorts, Jason has always found beauty in landscapes with a cloud filled stormy sky. From a boy playing in the rain, Jason finds himself out side alone waiting for the storm. Equally beautiful, Jason finds peace where the mist is thick and the land is cold.

To capture these dark images, Jason uses high-speed film creating a beautifully grainy landscape filled with texture and drama. Jason Romero's images depict an almost surreal lonesome landscape. Places that lie somewhere between our dreams and nightmares. Enjoy.»

All photographs taken with an early 1900's Century field camera.

Wikipedia will tell you more about the field camera.

Photo of the field camera taken here.

Not to touch the earth
Proudly standing on a paper boat,
We were both enjoying the weather.
Bing, the juvenile vessel sank.
Saved by a strong sinking horse,
I raise my hand:
Are we really touching the earth?
Cos when Horsy says: Close your eyes,
Still mermaids sexy moanings all around.

Not to touch the earth • The Doors (live audio track)