26 September 2012

Non-Audubon free birds

I don't remember exactly how (but I do know why!) I landed there yesterday early afternoon: Free Vintage Bird Pictures, where you can read "I fell in love with these bird pictures, which came along for the ride when I bought some CDs with vintage images. The colors and plumage on these birds are amazing in real life. But when you add the artists' talent into the mix, the results are breathtaking."

"I've wanted to share these bird pictures for a while now. But I had a sneaking suspicion that they might not all be in the public domain as I was told they were when I bought the CDs. So I checked the Audubon Society's Web site to see if some of the illustrations came from there. Sure enough, several of them were painted by Audubon; so I removed them from this page."

"If anyone finds other Audubon images on this page, I would appreciate it if they would leave a comment below to tell me so I can remove them."

Shore Lark

For instance, this wonderful illustration made by naturalist and painter John James Audubon is from the book The Birds of America, first published in 1827.

I also wanted to share some beautiful free birds.

Many more: Free Vintage Bird Pictures

Oh, now I remember, I remember how I landed there. In order to advance my new project, I surfed on the web cos I need wood… small wood tiles measuring exactly 2.5 x 2.5 inches, that will receive my latest drawings of white swallows.

I went to Etsy.com, searched for "supplies square wood custom" and found this item, at Annie Howes' shop.

1.5 inch square wood tiles

I like them (I like the price too: 50 pieces for $10) but they are exactly one inch too small for my project.

And I also saw this wood tile, at Kari Asbury's shop.

Birds handmade ephemera tile

And these birds above made me forgetting about the wood supplies I need and I spent a long time downloading free vintage bird pictures.