06 October 2012

Paisatge ataronjat

The reason why Ernest Descals' blog is a monster blog is because Ernest Descals is a monster himself! A super-prolific urban landscape monster artist.

I went on his blog and downloaded soooo many paintings… I can't exhibit them all, I had to make a selection. So I decided to present his work through a theme, a color theme: orange, purple, brown.

Ernest Descals was born in 1956 in Manresa (Catalunya) Spain, a city where Saint Ignatius of Loyola stopped to meditate and pray in 1522.

Oh boy, it took me a freakin long time to understand that sentence! I first though the saint took a break from praying! Would you stop praying?! Anyway, The Spiritual Exercises were composed (1522-1524) by Saint Ignatius of Loyola while in Manresa.

Ernest Descals also is a prolific painter of soldiers and nudes. And he takes tons of (dramatically altered and stylish) pictures of himself.