10 November 2012

On the floor

White swallow, white swallow
With your sense of honor
Remind us to follow the lightest
Lightning path without
Losing the honor of the senses.

First I drew an ultra minimalist swallow on white watercolor paper with ink.

I painted with lightly colored, almost white, gouache all around.

The painted drawings have to be cut.

Then glued on a piece of cardboard. The white swallow is temporarily, neglectedly and fragilely framed.

Four species of tree were selected from my pretty large collection of small branches.

With carpenter glue, I glued the branches. Mini clamps are used to keep the wood in place.


Now we've got a white swallow drawing and gouache, framed with small branches picked on the floor of the city of Montreal.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

The white swallow artwork in the Esty shop.