05 January 2013

In the undergrowth

Cock and Hen Pheasant in the Undergrowth

Archibald Thorburn (1860 – 1935) was a Scottish artist and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolor. He regularly sketched birds in the wild.

He is acknowledged as one of the greatest painters of birdlife of all time. He acquired the ability to create his minutely detailed paintings, with their evocative and dramatic backgrounds. He sketched from a very early age.

Archibald Thorburn painted birds, animals and flowers but he specialized in the study of game birds. He had a tremendous knowledge of ornithology.

He first exhibited at the Royal Academy at the age of 20, and was a regular figure there throughout the 1880s and 1890s. At the end of the 1890s he became disillusioned with the Academy and exhibited instead at A Baird Carter.

His skill, artistic talent and scientific observation ensured that Archibald Thorburn was recognized as one of the leading artists of his time.

 Cock Grouse

 A Frosty Dawn

 Cock Pheasant 

 English Partridge in Flight

 Bluetits on a Teasel

 Great Bustards

 Golden Eagle

 Greenland or Gyr Falcon

 Old English Pheasant


 Pintail Teal and Wigeon on the Seashore

 Red Grouse on the Moor

 Woodcock Nesting on a Beach

Western Tragopan

British wildlife, birds. Young blackbird washing in a puddle.

Sweet, sweet funny birdy!