08 May 2013

An album of drawings

A Journey to the Amur, completed by the Siberian Division of the Russian Emperor's Geographic Society: An Album of Drawings (1859)

« Very little information offered by the library literature regarding this work with 40 pages of which except the title page all others are recorded through other sources I could find out that the book is a collection of graphical journey of exploration conducted by Richard Maack.»

Source: Viaje por el rio Amur

Sorry for the dizzy Google translate translation.

Richard Karlovic Maak (1825-1886) was a Russian geographer and natural scientist, explorer of Siberia and the Far East, particularly the Ussuri and Amur River valleys.

The drawings from the album (made in two tones on the Chinese paper) were made by Meyer from the original drawings of Gunn and Bogomolov, who participated in the expedition of 1859.

View of Amur River at the entrance of Khingan Ridge

View of Amur River at the exit from Khingan Ridge

View of Amur River at the rocky coast of Derka River

View of Amur River near Diren village

View of Shilka River at Bondikovo stream

View of Shilka River at the estuary of Luchui River

View of Shilka River near 45 versts up of Ust- Strelka

Richard Maak wrote some of the first scientific descriptions of the natural history of remote Siberia and collected many biological specimens, many of which were original type specimens of previously unknown species.

A map of spreading of wood plants and shrubs on Amur River

Ligustrina Amurensis

He is most famous for collecting previously unknown species and sending specimens back for scientific descriptions and naming. A number of those he found on his Amur River expedition bear his name.

Maackia amurensis — Amur maackia (look) is a tree from the Amur River region which tolerates severe dryness, cold and heavy soils. More interesting than the summer flowers are the unfolding buds in spring which appear silvery and showy like flowers with frost on them.

Inhabitants of Amur region