28 August 2013

The Henry Dreyfuss affair

Henry Dreyfuss (1904 –1972) was an American designer. As one of the celebrity industrial designers, he dramatically improved the look, feel, and usability of dozens of consumer products. 

Western Electric Model 302 telephone (1930)

Hoover Model 150 vacuum cleaner (1936)

New York Central Railroad streamlined Mercury train (1936)

John Deere Model A and Model B tractors (1938)

NYC Hudson locomotive for the Twentieth Century Limited (1938)

Westclox Big Ben alarm clock (1939)

Royal Typewriter Company Quiet DeLuxe (1947)

Iron for General Electric (1948)

Honeywell T87 circular wall thermostat (1953)

Princess telephone (1959)

Bankers Trust Building at 280 Park Avenue NYC (1963)

Trimline desk telephone (1968)

Polaroid SX-70 Land camera (1972)