21 October 2013

Natural photo-impressions

 Cheese plant

 Chilli peppers




 Japanese painted fern



 Palm leaf

 Passion flowers


 Seed head

 Virginia creeper

Angela Easterling has developed a unique style of photography. She has gradually created her own technique having been influenced by the 19th century photographic work of Henry Fox Talbot and Anna Atkins.

 Henry Fox Talbot: Leaf (c. 1840)

 Anna Atkins: Alaria esculenta cyanotype (c. 1843-53)

Emerging without the use of a camera, each image is dependent upon exposure, light source, humidity and, most importantly, the combination of the organic materials employed and the sensitized paper. When combined with contemporary chemicals, the plant materials generate their own particular aura of color.

See Angela Easterling's web gallery here.

..."Without the use of a camera": Man Ray's photograms are called rayographs.

 Man Ray (1934)