28 March 2014


© Sean Hayes: House of Horta

Victor Horta (1861–1947) was a Belgian architect and designer. He is one of the most important names in Art Nouveau architecture; the construction of his Hôtel Tassel (2014-25-01) in Brussels in 1892-93 means that he is sometimes credited as the first to introduce the style to architecture from the decorative arts.

His house and studio (construction started in 1898; completed in 1901) in Brussels, Belgium is a splendid Art Nouveau heritage.

Living in Brussels, artist and former architect Paul Dmoch was born in Warsaw in 1958. He works with watercolor.

Balustrade (fragment), Maison Victor Horta

Cage d'escalier (fragment), Maison Victor Horta

Escalier (fragment), Maison Victor Horta

Extérieur, Maison Victor Horta

Fenêtre, Maison Victor Horta

Salle à manger, Maison Victor Horta

Verrière, Maison Victor Horta

 Verrière, Maison Victor Horta

Verrière, Maison Victor Horta

« Even as a child, I remember being obsessed with light. On sleepless nights in my room, I would watch the movement of car lights reflecting from the wall to the ceiling and back. Years later, I was astonished when I saw Rembrandt's use of light for the first time. I remarked, This is the LIGHT

Montréal looks like Venice in this Paul Dmoch watercolor today.

La beauté gelée