13 May 2014

Ex aequo enjoyable parts

My new work: miniature felt flowers in a wooden pot

If you have questions about how this tiny potted bouquet was made, here are the answers.

Felt is a non-woven textile.

First, you need felt.

Soft bendable fabric, I love felt. At the Etsy shop named BenzieDesign, you can choose the specific colors you want among trillions of colors. That's what I did.


Cut a circle, I mean an oval, into a spiral.

Twist & stitch.

Roll it until you have run out of spiral. A few stitches will make the edge stay put. 

Repeat it.

Even if my – miniature – flowers are not made of paper, this tutorial helped me a lot: how to make rolled paper flowers.

Then the green stem.

The flower is stitched to the stem. Once the sepals cut, choose three colors that go well together.

And the pots.

Clue the small bouquet in the (hand-dyed (!) in strong instant coffee) miniature wooden pot. Meet my friendly supplier: MiniatureMakerSupply.

The flowers look like ranunculus.

You may ask yourself, which aspect is the fun part in this crafty beauty creation? Each moment is enjoyable when creating miniature felt flowers. Twisting, stitching, assembling, offering.

In my Etsy shop, the listed ones.

Thank you for you interest in my work.