16 July 2014

Au vent levant

Moulins à vent près de Zaadam

Exploring the same subject repeatedly — in different light, Claude Monet was a painter of series: haystacks (c. 1890), poplar trees (c. 1891), Rouen Cathedral (c. 1892), House of Parliament (c. 1900) and, of course, water lilies (c. 1900).

These windmill paintings are not strictly speaking a series. But when Claude Monet stayed in the Netherlands (1871, 1874, 1886), he often painted the building with sails.

*admirative silence*

Moulins en Hollande (1871)

Moulin à Zaandam (1871)

Moulins à Zaandam (1871)

Moulin à Zaandam (1872)

Le Moulin de l'Onbekende Gracht, Amsterdam (1874)

Champ de tulipes, Hollande (1886)

Working corn windmill in Holland