29 August 2014

Vertical elevator

 Boat and Grain Elevators no. 2 (1942)

 Buffalo Grain Elevators (1937)

 Factory Roofs (1934)

 Grain Elevators from the Bridge

 Grain Elevators, Buffalo (1942)

 Harbor Scene

 Overseas Highway (1939)

 Public Grain Elevator of New Orleans (1938)

 Sanford Tank no. 2 (1939)

 St. Petersburg to Tampa (1938)

Steel Foundry, Coatesville, PA (1936–37)

Ralston Crawford (1906-1978) was a American painter, printmaker and photographer of Canadian birth. After attending high school in Buffalo, NY, he worked on tramp steamers in the Caribbean.

His paintings of the early 1930s were influenced by the work of Paul Cézanne and Juan Gris. He was also attracted to the simplified cubism of Stuart Davis, with its restricted primary color schemes. After a trip to Paris in 1932–33, his flat, geometric treatment of architectural and industrial subjects in paintings – such as Vertical Building (1934) – led him to be associated with Precisionism.

Vertical Building (1934)

After 1940 Ralston Crawford almost eliminated modeling from his work in favor of flat and virtually abstract architectural renderings – such as Third Avenue Elevated (1949).

 Third Avenue Elevated (1949)

Third Avenue Elevated no. 3 (1952)

source: all art dot org