15 October 2014

Blackfoot glass lantern slides

Camp in October

In 1896 Pittsburgh native Walter McClintock traveled west as a photographer for a federal commission investigating national forests.

He became friends with the expedition's Blackfoot Indian scout, William Jackson or Siksikakoan.

When the commission completed its field work, Siksikakoan introduced the photographer to the Blackfoot community of northwestern Montana.

Over the next 20 years, Walter McClintock made several thousand photographs of the Blackfoot.

 Hunting camp at sunrise

 Mountain camp on Cutbank headwaters of the Missouri

 Onesta at tripod near tipi

 Overlooking the camp

 Prairie with flowers

 Tipi in forest

 Tipi in snow

 Trees in Blackfoot country

 Two Indians with dog in front of tipi on snowy prairie

 Two tipis

Yellow Bird (Otachkuipisan) watching the horse herd

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