08 November 2014

Alley shadows

Alley Shadows

"I'm motivated by the beauty surrounding us in simple, everyday objects and scenes. I paint exclusively in oils and enjoy the challenge of working alla prima, both in the studio and outdoors, usually finishing a piece in a single session."

Michael Chamberlain

Alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt) or wet-on-wet is a painting technique used mostly in oil painting, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previous layers of wet paint.

Cafe at Dusk

Enjoy the selection I've made among the huge production of the generously prolific Mr. Chamberlain: 30 beautiful San Francisco square cityscape paintings.

 Cafe on Polk

 California Street

 Corner Store

 Crossing Grant

 Electric Bus

 Ferry Building

 Golden Hour

 Harrison at Embarcadero

 Hyde and Lombard

 Jackson Street

 Jones at Glover

 Larkin and Broadway

 Last Light, Side Street

 Looking North on Polk

 Mission Alley

 Narrow Street, Telegraph Hill

 North Tower

 Powell Street

 Red Truck Turning Left

 Sandwich Shop

 Sunset Power Lines


 Tall Buildings on Leavenworth

 Tree Lined Street

 View from an Alley

 View of Alcatraz from Hyde

 Washington and Mason

West on Broadway