05 July 2015

Three knights in the wind

« You go in, they draw the curtains, and the navigation begins. The gods come down onto the naked bodies and the islands are set adrift, lost souls crowned with the tousled hair of palm trees in the wind. Try it.» 
– Albert Camus {source}

Three Palm Trees © Angela Ooghe

Captivating expressive landscape paintings (with four comments) by Angela Ooghe. Blue vastness, ample foliage.

Everglades Rain
« I painted this last year [2011] when my work was much closer to realism.»

Everglades Reflecting Pond

Everglades Sky
« In this painting, I wanted to show the vastness and almost unbearable brightness of this day in the Florida Everglades.»

Fishing Boats
« I’ve painted five docked fishing boats against a background of coconut palms and dense tropical foliage.»

Florida Tropical Hammock
« This is a common scene in South Florida. Beautiful and unruly and also what will become of your yard if neglected.»


Obstructed Path

Palm Trees Smokey Sky

Angela Ooghe is an artist living in Miami.

The Great Miami River (circa 1850) by Elizabeth Frankenstein or Godfrey Nicholas Frankenstein {source}