10 October 2015

From antler bird

Image première:
vintage ANTLER BIRD carving - inuit sculpture - native - aboriginal. No.002099 {source}

Then into Visually similar images:

 Wendy Ann Titmus

 Abstract modernist 

Hydra 1 (ironwood sculpture by Cody Powell & Ben Carpenter)

 George Hitkolok (2005)

 Beethoven's Trumpet (With Ear) Opus # 133 (2007) by John Baldessari

 Kay Bojesen

 Almond and olive wood

  Around 1390 to 1352 B.C.

 Georgia Gerber: Paired Pheasants

 Kayaker (19th century)

 Inuit carved fossil ivory sculpture of king salmon, signed Brian Kulik

Etc, etc, etc,