22 November 2015

Close staking

Too Close to Understand © Thomas Hawk

Brian Valentine sure knows how to deal with macrophotography flower. Let’s click his is flickr photostream or my search. Welcome to the voluptuous tininess, the world that we don’t usually see.

Alstroemeria anthers {here}

Begonia flower (female) #3 {here}

Crocus anther #3 {here}

Cymbidium orchid #1 {here}

Daffodil bits #9 {here}

Euphorbia flower pollen anther 10x #2 {here}

Fuchsia #3 {here}

Gladiolus #4 {here}

Hebe flowers #2 {here}

Hibiscus stigma {here}

Rhododendron macabeanum anthers {here}

Tulip playtime #4 {here}

Understanding focus staking: Macro Flower Photography: A Tutorial in Focus Stacking by Harold Davis

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