01 November 2011

Rosita, Rosa, I see you now.

Many years ago, my friend Gogo gave me a box including several small cards with beautiful Mexican folk art illustrations. And the flower I drew was inspired (I think) by the rose of the loteria board game card.

There are 54 cards in the game. Number 41 refers to the red flower. Yesterday, the sentence "Rosita, Rosa, I see you now" was found HERE (Loteria on wikipedia).

I drew the flower with black ink on paper. I photographed my drawing. With Photoshop, colors were added on the digitalized image.

Mon amie la rose by beautiful French singer Françoise Hardy (1964) on youtube

Rosita, Rosaura, ven que te quiero ahora.
Rosette, Rose, je te vois maintenant.
Rosita, Rosa, I see you now.