04 November 2011

A wolf girl, her eyelashes.

A few weeks before my daughter's 17th birthday (last Wednesday), she told me she wanted a mommy-made little plushie as her gift.

- Ok, baby. I'll create a miniature ninja eskimo wolf for you.
- Make him a girl! Put some eyelashes! Just like Sponge Bob, FOUR eyelashes!

(She's a big fan of Sponge Bob. But Sponge Bob only has three eyelashes.)
- Ooh what a cool idea!

She chose the colors for the felt I'm gonna use: white wolf, denim blue coat. It's a girl so a touch of pink is added. He he.

First, the winter coat is cut and decorated with hand embroidery.

Second, I cut the body of the wolf girl. Her face was hand embroidered. Her head, breast and arms, sewn and stuffed.

Third, the winter coat is applied to the plush. After that, belly and legs will be filled with stuffing and sewn.

Here we go. There she is.

There are miniature ninja eskimo wolf plushies in my Etsy shop right now. Only boys. No girl. Yet.

Thank you for your interest in my work and have a wonderful day.