21 February 2012

Flour camouflage

After effects is a series of architectural scale models constructed with black paper and covered with flour and a layer of mould to create the effect of old abandoned buildings. My purpose is to talk about the sense of time and destiny of the planet after the human species, through the sense of restlessness which abandoned buildings are able to communicate. (Daniele del Nero)

Daniele del Nero's other works
I’ve found a maquette of residential building in a dump. I put it in my garden and I started to photograph it periodically for a year until it disappear. (DdN)
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Flowers of the case

I was always fascinated by the way vegetal life is able to develop in every environment, even in adverse situation. At the same time I’ve always found an aesthetic and expressive value in those spaces where nature defeats the human tendency to subdue the ground and finally is free to express all its energy.
Moving from this reflection I tried to focus on this topic with a simple test on my balcony: close to my plants on 15th july I put a little jar full of ground. I haven’t sown anything in it. After a month, the first sprout appears. Today my jar is full of those vegetations which are disdainful named weeds, in order to create a little environment where domestic and wild are crossing each other. Flowers of the case is an open project which testifies a process that is going to develop in the time. (DdN)
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Daniele del Nero is an artist living and working between Savona and Milan, Italia.

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How to Disappear Completely (Radiohead live in Praha, 2009)