07 February 2012

To grow flower

The Devil's Playground 


New Suns 


Red Soil


The Rapture

Suppertime in the Sky


The Blind Fisherman


Oil paintings by Martin Wittfooth
"My work stems from a personal desire to process and reflect on the increasingly haywire relationship, confusion, and general detachment – both of experience and understanding - that the modern-day industrialized world has with its surrounding environment, and the forced and uneasy assimilations that take place when the two inevitably meet.

By removing the human figure from my works and instead portraying nature in man-made or manufactured settings, my work forces us to be impartial observers to these scenes and to process the tension within them as mere witnesses rather than active participants.

Much of this work deals with violence, disquiet, chaos and collapse, but not entirely absent in these works is also the suggestion of hope and the presence of beauty."

Martin Wittfooth is a painter living in NYC, USA.

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Martha Wainwright: These Flowers

These flowers are coming up wild
They're coming up, they're coming up
They're coming up wild