30 May 2012

Pink winds

Twenty-one eternal stunning rose paintings by Catharina Klein, one of the greatest still life painters of all time.

Catharina Klein was born in 1861 in Eylau in East Prussia (what is now a Russian province called Kallinigrad, which is actually separated by the Baltic States from Mainland Russia.) She attended the Art School in Berlin and painted flower pictures, eventually in gouache (opaque watercolor). 

Catharina Klein

She was one of the most respected and popular flower painters of all time. She ran a studio in Berlin and trained young women how to paint. The art establishment considered her a commercial artist and disregarded her work. Very few original paintings still exist.

Her best work seems to have been done between 1890 -1900. Although there were thousands of painters in the art centers of Germany in the 1890s, Catharina Klein became the best known flower painter because her work appeared in print. Art teachers then began using her pictures for models and continue today.

She added birds and then fruit to her painting, all naturalistically shown. She then became known as the rose painter. 

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Pink Rose Oil Painting (Bob Ross)

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