25 August 2012

Romanticizing marine painting

Two British Frigates

James Edward Buttersworth (1817–1894) was an English painter who specialized in maritime art, and is considered among the foremost American ship portraitists of the 19th century. His paintings are particularly known for their meticulous detail, dramatic settings, and grace in movement.

Source: wikipedia

A ship portraitist who meticulously illustrated America’s Golden Age of Sail, Buttersworth captured a realistic view of sea and sky while incorporating the human element into his work. Buttersworth has long been recognized as a premier maritime artist distinguished by his story telling prowess, as well as his meticulous attention to detail with the brush and palette.

Source: brucemuseum

In order to accent the speed and grace of these vessels, Buttersworth would often elongate the hulls and sails to create a feeling of motion portrayed along a low horizon line. With dramatic skies, churning seas and accurate detail, he ennobled and romanticized sailing ships with what have become historically important paintings that are both beautiful and refined.

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 HMS Brunswick Amidst Other Shipping in the Channel

 Man 'O War

 Out to Sea

 Passing Ramsgate Lighthouse

 The American Clipper

 The Yacht Race

 Around the Point


 On the High Seas

 The Alice

 Bound for the Sea

 American Racing Yachts off the East End of Long Island

 American Shipping Displays the Flag

 Coastal Craft in Translucent Waters


HMS Sloop Active in Coastal Waters