12 August 2012

The same overlap

Yesterday, I drew seven swallows, and painted with lightly colored gouache all around.

Oopsi… Grrr, once again, some of the drawings are pretty much (too) close to each other… When will I learn?

By the way, talking overlaply, this is what happened with my lily waters the other day… (The same mistake)

Two mini paintings on the same piece of Balsa wood, two times. Four water lilies, not exactly at the right place, ready to be cut. I tried to save all four but I killed them all.

The translucent rectangle is the shape I would have liked to give to each water lily painting. As you can see, the small overlap forms an impossible space.

If I had known, I'd sacrifice two flowers, and I'd have two. But I tried to save all four and I killed them all.