25 February 2012

Rococo mutant transparency




 La Chasse


 Foreign Tongue Study


 Sleeping by Day

 Sleeping by Day Study


 Love Letters

 [Don't know the title]

 Coming Undone


 Keeping Time

 Words of Wisdom

Day Trip

Digital paintings by Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar composes his images entirely on his home computer using 3-D graphics software more commonly used in the production of mainstream productions.

Ray Caesar wrote: I color the models first in a very simple way, then each surface in the model is wrapped with a texture that may be painted digitally such as a flower petal or from a digital photograph such as a wood surface. I collect textures the way some people collect little silver spoons and I have a story about each texture in my collection… As my work is printed I am often asked about my original, but it exists only in the computer in a dimensional world of depth, width and height. I am fascinated by the concept that this 3-dimensional space exists much as another reality and even though I turn the computer off, I am haunted by the fact that this space is still there existing in a mathematical probability, and the space that we live in now might not be all that different.

For 17 years, he worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in the photo department.

He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife Jane and a male mutt (half German shepherd, half coyote) named Bonnie.

Ray Caesar said: I have always had this theory. There are only two professions in life: healing and creating. And they work best when they're combined. If you think about it, there isn't a single profession worth doing that isn't healing and creating. When you sweep streets, you're creating a clean environment for people to walk in.

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Ancient Memory

Almost unreal because so beautiful and innocent Marianne Faithfull in 1965
As Tears Go by

21 February 2012

Flour camouflage

After effects is a series of architectural scale models constructed with black paper and covered with flour and a layer of mould to create the effect of old abandoned buildings. My purpose is to talk about the sense of time and destiny of the planet after the human species, through the sense of restlessness which abandoned buildings are able to communicate. (Daniele del Nero)

Daniele del Nero's other works
I’ve found a maquette of residential building in a dump. I put it in my garden and I started to photograph it periodically for a year until it disappear. (DdN)
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Flowers of the case

I was always fascinated by the way vegetal life is able to develop in every environment, even in adverse situation. At the same time I’ve always found an aesthetic and expressive value in those spaces where nature defeats the human tendency to subdue the ground and finally is free to express all its energy.
Moving from this reflection I tried to focus on this topic with a simple test on my balcony: close to my plants on 15th july I put a little jar full of ground. I haven’t sown anything in it. After a month, the first sprout appears. Today my jar is full of those vegetations which are disdainful named weeds, in order to create a little environment where domestic and wild are crossing each other. Flowers of the case is an open project which testifies a process that is going to develop in the time. (DdN)
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Daniele del Nero is an artist living and working between Savona and Milan, Italia.

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How to Disappear Completely (Radiohead live in Praha, 2009) 

16 February 2012

Feather light

A cold heart looks at small birds floating in snow and sees the impetuous accuracy of innocence.
A hypocrite-optimist looks at small birds floating in snow and sees the fragility of creepy happiness.


Photograph series Dark Eyed Junco Flying in Snow by Mingta Li

Birds in flight action photography tips by Rob McKay

I love action photography and birds in-flight (BIF) are one of my favorite forms of this, especially birds of prey (hawks, eagles, owls & falcons). (Read more here.)

Boreal birds dot org: dark-eyed junco

Dark-eyed Junco, sometimes called the Snowbird, is one of the most familiar birds at North American bird feeders. (Read more here.)

Bird's Lament by Moondog

07 February 2012

To grow flower

The Devil's Playground 


New Suns 


Red Soil


The Rapture

Suppertime in the Sky


The Blind Fisherman


Oil paintings by Martin Wittfooth
"My work stems from a personal desire to process and reflect on the increasingly haywire relationship, confusion, and general detachment – both of experience and understanding - that the modern-day industrialized world has with its surrounding environment, and the forced and uneasy assimilations that take place when the two inevitably meet.

By removing the human figure from my works and instead portraying nature in man-made or manufactured settings, my work forces us to be impartial observers to these scenes and to process the tension within them as mere witnesses rather than active participants.

Much of this work deals with violence, disquiet, chaos and collapse, but not entirely absent in these works is also the suggestion of hope and the presence of beauty."

Martin Wittfooth is a painter living in NYC, USA.

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Martha Wainwright: These Flowers

These flowers are coming up wild
They're coming up, they're coming up
They're coming up wild