24 July 2013

Bridge over troubled watercolor

Light Traffic — Verrazano Bridge (2007)

New York City's harbor and multiple waterways are what once made it the center of trade. But in modern times, where water transport is less common, they make it a city of bridges and tunnels. Over 2,000 of them provide uninterrupted vehicular movement throughout the region. Read more: Bridges and tunnels in New York City

Antonio Masi was 7 years old when he emigrated with his parents and siblings from Italy to New York City in 1947. Upon his arrival, he was deeply drawn by the beauty of the city’s iconic bridges. And it wasn’t long before he knew that one day he would be an artist who would paint bridges.

“Watercolor has a personality all its own. It likes to flow, do unexpected things, be light and delicate and the next minute, strong and powerful. This was the medium I was looking for—this play of opposites, the ridged steel against the light atmosphere, the sense of motion and solidity,”  says Antonio Masi speaking of his conversion to the medium some years ago. 

Reinforcing the power and authority of Antonio Masi’s work is the enormous scale on which he works, often up to 40 x 60 inches (100 x 150 cm). In doing so he conveys something of the scale and presence of the bridges themselves. “I hope to give the viewers of my work a sense of place,” says the artist. Read more: Think Big, Paint Big

Manhattan Mist (2008)

NY Tramway II (2008)

Red Fence — Williamsburg Bridge (2008)

Sunday Morning (2008)

The Trip Home — Homage to Ruth (2008)

Throgs Neck Bridge — Sunset (2006)

Tower Dipped in Fog — George Washington Bridge (2007)

View from Below — Williamsburg Bridge (2008)

View from Queensboro Bridge (2008)

View with Tram (2008)

I like to walk the bridges in all seasons and weather conditions.
– Antonio Masi

Bridge over Troubled Water, live cover by Elvis Presley (1970)