12 July 2013

Solemn attendance

I invite you to take a few minutes of your time to (click and) discover the pictorial universe the industrial painter David J. Teter has created. A world of contrast between the strength (theme) and the refinement (treatment). 

But I will remain silent.

I always have this excuse: English is not my native language, so it is difficult for me to talk about art, blah blah. But that's not it.

Even in French, I would never be able to bring you all the generous knowledge the artist himself manages to convey. So if you click the title in brackets above the work, you stumble upon the words of David J. Teter, who talks about his work, unpretentious, in simple words.

Here are some magnificent bridge paintings by David J. Teter.

 Rails, Bridge, Refinery oil on panel, 2009

 Vincent Thomas Bridge # 5 – Study watercolor 2011

 Vincent Thomas Bridge # 4 – Catalina Express watercolor, 2011

 Vincent Thomas Bridge # 1 oil on panel, 2010

 Train Bridge (w/ Shadows) watercolor, 2011

 LA River 3 oil on panel, 2013

 Vincent Thomas Bridge # 8 – Containment 1 oil on panel, 2011

 Vincent Thomas Bridge # 13 oil on panel, 2011

Vincent Thomas Bridge # 2 oil on panel, 2011

The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a 1,500-foot (460 m) long suspension bridge, crossing the Los Angeles Harbor in the US state of California.

The maintenance of the bridge is a constant job, never finished.