23 September 2013

Food or sex or both

A Fleeting Feeling of Delight -Etsy-

Educated in the backyard school of photography and largely self-taught, Robert Bridges is a wise contemplative man living in Hesperus, Colorado, US.

The following is a short statement about him. 

« I have over 30 years of photographic experience and I approach photography as a sacred art grounded in the practices of mindfulness and meditation. I create images using in-camera multiple exposures. This technique allows for a recording of reality that is impressionistic, soft, abstract, and invites the dynamics of movement, light, chance, and time. 

We are all flowers flowering in a blooming universe.»

– Robert Bridges

 [Against a Backdrop of Golden Light] -Etsy-

 Community -Etsy-

 [Double Take] -Etsy-

 [Food or Sex or Both] -Etsy-

 It Was Good for Me -Etsy-

 Just Lighten Up -Etsy-

 [Just Some Ordinary Miniature Tulips] -Etsy-

 [Kneeling in Rich Mud] -Etsy-

 Midnight Rider -Etsy-

 Mirror Mine -Etsy-

[My Work on That Day] -Etsy-

« I try to use the camera as a means of cultivating the qualities of curiosity, playfulness, concentration, mindfulness, gratitude, serenity and joy. Remembering that each time one picks up the camera an opportunity arises to see the world with fresh eyes. 

Contemplation is a practice of simply being attentive, receptive, inquisitive and, ultimately, joyful. The object of contemplation can be anything. The subject does not matter but the practice of opening oneself does.

The imagery I create arises from a space of not knowing. A quality of mind sometimes described as beginner’s mind or wu-wei, in which the mind is silent and the art expresses itself. […]

Chado, the way of tea; shodo, the way of the brush; kyudo, the way of the bow; and kado, the way of the flower.

My path appears to be the way of the flower.»

– Robert Bridges

[On a Still Point] -Etsy-

A few words about the photograph titles. Titles in bold are from Robert Bridges. The others are mine, I mean Robert Bridges didn't give the artwork a name and the words in square brackets are excerpts I chose from the text describing the photo.

Portal -Etsy-

« I am struck by how true it is that learning to use a camera changes the way one perceives the world.»

– Robert Bridges