06 September 2013

Sail and steam

County of Edinburgh Stranded on a Beach

Antonio Jacobsen (1850–1921) was a Danish-born American maritime artist known as the "Audubon of Steam Vessels".

He was born in Copenhagen, where he attended the Royal Academy of Design before heading across the Atlantic ocean. He arrived in the US in 1873. He settled in West Hoboken, New Jersey, a municipality that existed from 1861 to 1925. The town is notable for being the first city in which Mallomars [take a look] were sold. Today, the city is called Union City.

Across the Hudson river from Manhattan and New York harbor, the port was filled with ships from America and around the world. Antonio Jacobsen got his start painting pictures of ships on safes.

 Close of Bow

 Cottage City

 El Rio at Sea

 Raw Mid Ship Deck

 Steamship Chicago City

 Steamship St Paul

 The Miami

USS Massachusetts

Antonio Jacobsen painted more than 6,000 portraits of sail and steam vessels, making him "the most prolific of marine artists".