17 December 2013

Not exactly alike

Alexis America's artwork is notable for its naturalism and luminosity.

 Cheerful pinks (2010)

 Deco waterlilies (2010)

 Nenuphar (2010)

 Orange waterlilies (2010)

 Pink lily on black pond (2010)

 Three shiney reds (2010)

 Victoria (2010)

 White lilies (2010)

 White waterlily on blue pond (2010)

Wild orchids (2010)

« As an artist specializing in plants, I have the great good fortune of looking at them very closely. Here is an amazing thing one discovers: no two leaves of a plant are exactly alike. I attempt to convey that uniqueness in every botanical painting I make.  

My paintings are done in watercolor, as this medium best captures the characteristics of plants, the delicacy of petals. I build the color layer by layer, from light to dark.

Traditionally, plants are painted on a white background, but I began to feel that this did not adequately portray the vivid images I was seeing. So now I include a little of the world in which a plant lives.»

–Alexis America