21 December 2013

Red battleground

« Phoenix, Arizona is America's largest battleground for real estate auctions.»

Property Wars is an American reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel. Property Wars follows a group of men, located in Phoenix, Arizona, who bid to purchase foreclosed homes, without being able to look inside. In each episode the main cast members group in front of the home to see what condition it is in while their bidder is on location at the auction for the home.

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate. Desert soils come in a variety of colors. Some soils have the same pale, brownish color from top to bottom, but others may be layered with browns, reds, pinks and whites. Argillic horizons of many older soils in the Sonoran Desert are a distinct, rusty brick red.

Here both – the architecture and the flora – totally fascinate me, northern.

Happy winter solstice to all my readers!