31 December 2011

Sailor beware

Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) is generally considered to be the greatest pin-up artist ever. Enjoy these stunning oil paintings, where the light is always beautiful.

Since Elvgren is a super-prolific artist, my idea was to present his work through a theme, among hundreds of paintings. For instance, Working class pin-ups. Pin-ups in the fields. Blushing pin-ups. Pin-ups with a dog. Black stocking pin-ups. No! Way too many girls wearing black stockings in the Elvgren universe! I finally cracked for the nautical theme, guess why..!

Sailor beware (1963)

A sharp lookout - Stem to stem (1961)

Cruise girl

(Don't know the title)

Hard to handle (1957)

Bow spirit (1960)

Sailor beware - See worthy (1963)

Anchors a wow (1958)

Ankles aweigh

Sitting pretty (1953)

Splendid view - Out to sea (1960)

(Before and after)

Nice paintings here.
Many Before and Afters here. No need to read Russian language to understand.

"An Elvgren model was never portrayed as a femme fatale. She is, rather, the girl next door whose charms are revealed in that fleeting instant when she's been caught unaware in what might be an embarrassing situation." (Read more.)

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Well, I got no idea about the song I should propose to go with this blog post… I asked my roommate to help me to find the perfect song. I should write the perfect songs.

April March - Chick Habit  

Eleni Mandell - Girls