13 December 2011

Space Soviet Brutalism

"Soviet Brutalist architecture is beautiful and strange, much of it like some odd abandoned spaceship, long-forgotten Hollywood Sci-Fi set from the 60s, or perhaps the fevered product of a very rigorously-minded architect on a great deal of hallucinogenic drugs." (source: cameraclubny.org)

90 buildings
Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed
"A photographic record of 90 weird and wonderful buildings from the last decades of the USSR. Photographer Frédéric Chaubin reveals 90 buildings sited in fourteen former Soviet Republics which express what he considers to be the fourth age of Soviet architecture. His poetic pictures reveal an unexpected rebirth of imagination." (source: www.taschen.com)

Explicite concrete
"Concrete was the ideal working material for Soviet central planners: it made possible the construction of huge buildings on a truly heroic scale. Surprisingly, it also facilitated some remarkably beautiful structures." (source: www.weburbanist.com/brutalism)


Russian electro-rock poetry
Delfin (also written Dolphin) is my favorite Russian pop rap hip-hop electro-poetic rock band. Aaahhh! vertigo.

Dolphin - Имя (то самое видео где Дельфин не сдержал слёз)

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