08 June 2012

Fascinating Moon Pie

Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physicist, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Big fan of Star Trek, he considers it analogous to religion. He possesses an eidetic memory and an IQ of 187. Sheldon is constantly worried about germs. And always wears nice colorful geeky t-shirts.


« Sheldon exhibits a strict adherence to routine, a total lack of social skills, a tenuous understanding of irony, sarcasm, and humor, and a general lack of humility or empathy.

When he was 5, a kid named Billy Sparks shoved a Mexican Peso up his nose, which has not yet been removed. (It takes Sheldon 45 minutes to get through airport security because of it.)

Sheldon was a child prodigy. He built an armed robot constructed using integrated circuits made from materials cooked in his sister's Easy Bake Oven.

He entered the University of Texas at Austin, at the age of 11.

When Sheldon was 12 years old, he wanted a titanium centrifuge to separate radioactive isotopes, but was instead given a motorized dirtbike, which he had no desire for.

He received his first PhD at 16 years old, working on twistor theory

(More about Sheldon Cooper on wikipedia.)

His grandmother, aka Meemaw, calls him Moon Pie.

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Sheldon Cooper is a fictional character on the TV series The Big Bang Theory. His face is so particular and funny! Those artists here, found at deviantArt.com, agree with me. Bazinga!

Jim Parsons, the real Sheldon Cooper, has an amazing wonderful smile!